Question: How do i order?
Answer: Simple click "BUY IT NOW !" button' and then you go to "check out"
After that, fill in your details. you will get confirmation to your email when you done to order.

Question: How can i contact your company ?
Answer: send us a facebook massage or send us email at:


Question: Are my payments secure?
Answer: Yes, it's 100% Secure.
We use the PayPal secure payment getaway.

Question: How long does shipping take?
Answer: Please allow between 2-4 Weeks

Question: How does the money back guarantee work?
Answer: If you're unhappy with your purchase, send us the product back to our adress we will refund your order,buyer responsable for shipping charge.

Question: How do I receive multiple item order?
Answer: If you order several products, each one will be sent in a separate package (in most cases). If you have any question that is not on this FAQ page, Please contact us Via email or Facebook and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you, Shopee Team